XFP eXtensible Filtering Pipelines
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Todo List



  • [Filters] Better Ant integration (maybe we could use the 'ant' namespace in pipeline.xml) → open
  • [Engine] Quartz Calendars in schedule.xml seem not to work. → open
  • [Documentation] Write docs for version 0.1.0 → open


  • [Engine] Add support for execution of ant scripts (build.xml), native scripts (system.xml) and maybe javascript/beanshell scripts. → open
  • [Framework] Change the way filter properties work. Instead of using setter methods, we could pass a Map-like object (FilterProperties) containing the properties. We could also add an XML file in the same package of the filter (MyFilter.info) containing info about the required/supported properties and data types. This allows to remove the reset() and setter methods in each Filter, thus making the filter class simpler. FilterProperties class will have utility method to extract properties in the most commons data type and without the need to cast. Also will take care of validating required properties and data types. → open
  • [Engine] Automatically reload modified files: schedule.xml, log4j.xml, pipeline.xml. → open
  • [Framework] Enhance Avalon component support. Please help! → open
  • [Filters] POI filters → open
  • [Filters] Cocoon transformers integration → open
  • [Filters] JDBC Filters → open


  • [Filters] SOAP Filters → open
  • [Engine] Make the XFP Engine work with an Avalon component manager (Merlin). → open
  • [Manager] Manager web application (war). add, remove, start, stop pipelines. (something like Tomcat manager) → open

not sure

  • [Framework] Use JXPath or BeanShell in ${} expressions. → open


  • [Other] GUI for building pipelines visually (XFP Editor). → open
  • [Other] GUI/Webapp for monitoring/administer XFP Engine (XFP Control Panel). → open