XFP eXtensible Filtering Pipelines
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Contributing to XFP



XFP is an Open Source volunteer project released under a very open license. This means there are many ways to contribute to the project - either with direct participation (coding, documenting, answering questions, proposing ideas, reporting bugs, suggesting bug-fixes, etc..) or by resource donations (money, time, publicity, hardware, software, conference presentations, speeches, etc...).

To begin with, we suggest you to subscribe to the XFP mailing lists (follow the link for information on how to subscribe and to access the mail list archives). Listen-in for a while, to hear how others make contributions.

You can get your local working copy of the latest code in the CVS code repository. Review the todo list, choose a task (or perhaps you have noticed something that needs patching). Make the changes, do the testing, generate a patch, and post to the development mailing list.

Document writers are usually the most wanted people so if you like to help but you're not familiar with the innermost technical details, don't worry: we have work for you!

Help Wanted

We need people contributing new or improved code and/or documentation, but we would also be glad to have extra help in any of the following areas:

  • Testing XFP (especially its less-frequently-used features) on various configurations and reporting back.
  • Debugging - producing reproduceable test cases and/or finding causes of bugs. Some known bugs are informally listed on To Do, and some are recorded in the Bugtracker.
  • Extending the built-in Filter library. Our policy is to give priority to Apache products when adding external libraries dependencies.
  • Specifying/analysing/designing new features - and beyond. (If you wish to get involved with this, please join the mailing list and install and try out XFP.
  • Packaging easy-to-install packages (such as RPMs) for the myriad of possible configurations out there. (The project does not maintain anything but the basic .zip and .tar.gz packages, but anyone is welcome to build their own specific packages and announce them on the mailing list)