XFP eXtensible Filtering Pipelines
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Frequently Asked Questions




1. General

1.1. What is XFP?


XFP is a data processing framework and server. It is mainly targeted to data feed management and content syndication. XFP is very flexible and its applications may extend over time.

1.2. Why should I use XFP?


If you need to manage many data feeds in and out of your business, probably XFP is good for you. The main goals of XFP are:

  • to standardize business data management tasks on a single platform.
  • to promote code reuse.
  • to enable non-programmers to work on tasks that usually require developers.

1.3. Is XFP similar to Apache Ant?


There are many similarities between XFP and Ant. Both use XML in a declarative way. Both have a modular and user-extensible architecture. The main difference is that Ant tasks are not interconnected, don't have an output, they just do something. This make Ant more useful as a build tool, while XFP is mainly targeted on data management procedures.

1.4. What does it cost?


XFP is open source and free. It is licensed under the Apache Software License, which allows it to be used even inside proprietary software.

2. Documentation

2.1. How can I help write documentation?


This project uses Apache Forrest to generate documentation from XML. Please download a copy of Forrest, which can be used to validate, develop and render a project site.