XFP eXtensible Filtering Pipelines
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History of Changes



Version 0.1.0 (2004-03-23)

  • add XFP now uses the Quartz Scheduler, instead of java.util.Timer. This means that you can take advantage of Cron-style scheduling, configurable number of threads and many other Quartz features. (FT)
  • update Remove notification and error handling from Framework classes. (FT)
  • add Introduction of the "Task" concept, Task = Pipeline + Scheduling + Logging. Information on scheduling and logging is now defined in separate files (scheduling.xml and log4j.xml) for each task. (FT)
  • update DOM Level 3 XPath API now used instead of Xalan XPathAPI. (FT)
  • update Schemas and DTDs updated and moved inside the JAR. Use of namespaces. (FT)
  • update Global refactoring: the org.sourceforge.xfp package has been renamed to org.xfp. The classes forming the XFP Engine (i.e the server) have been moved to the org.xfp.engine package. The XFP Project is now divided in 3 parts: Framework (org.xfp.*), Engine (org.xfp.engine.*), Filters (org.xfp.filters.*). (FT)
  • update XFP has been relicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (FT)

Version 0.0.4 (2003-09-30)

  • fix Fix double InputStream closing in XSLTransformer filter. (FT)
  • fix Fix attribute disposal problem when attribute was not succesfully initialized. (FT)
  • update FTPListing filter can now list directories and symlinks and recurse in a directory tree. (FT)

Version 0.0.3 (2003-09-09)

  • add Check for invalid filter properties at init time. (FT)
  • add New JNDI filters (FT)
  • add New XPath filters (FT)
  • update Attributes completely redesigned. Now attributes are (a subset of) Avalon Components. (FT)
  • add Added 'null' variable in FilterContext. ${null} now evaluates to null. (FT)
  • update Log4j is now configured using the XML configuration. (FT)
  • fix updated BeanUtils library: mapped properties containing dots now work. Thanks to Robert Burrel Donkin. (FT)
  • fix fixed NullPointerException when a filter returned null. (FT)
  • fix fixed HTTPGet filter when used with ifModified set to true (FT)

Version 0.0.2 (2003-08-25)

  • add Partial Ant task integration (FT)
  • fix Better exception formatting in notification emails (FT)
  • update Switched to Jakarta Commons Lang enums for onerror/onlooperror constant values. (FT)
  • fix Fixed onerror/onlooperror behaviour. should work now! (FT)
  • update Added support for mapped properties to filters and switched to Jakarta Commons BeanUtils. (FT)
  • add Added Javadoc groups. Added Javadoc custom tags: xfp.dependency, xfp.property.required, xfp.property.default (FT)
  • add XSL-FO filter using Apache FOP (FT)
  • update Loop when filter output implements java.util.Iterator instead of java.util.Collection (FT)
  • add Iterator and MapIterator filters. Created new package org.sourceforge.xfp.filters.collections (FT)
  • add BeanInstance filter to instantiate JavaBeans (Jakarta BeanUtils). (FT)
  • add BeanCollectionSorter filter for sorting collections using bean properties (Jakarta BeanUtils). (FT)
  • add Added filter/@outputType attribute. Casts output to another java type. (FT)
  • update filter/@input now evaluates ${} (FT)
  • add Created org.sourceforge.xfp.filters.util package for utility filters (FT)
  • add Added JXPath filters (FT)

Version 0.0.1 (2003-07-23)

  • add Added anoncvs and dist-cvs targets to build.xml (FT)
  • add ${} expressions can now contain attribute names (FT)
  • add Added overwrite option to FileWriter. (FT)
  • fix FTP filters: fixed FTPGet. FTPClient is now passed directly as a property. (FT)
  • add HTTPGet: User-Agent property. (FT)
  • add HTTPGet: basic authentication support, if modified since, options to set request method (GET, POST) and follow redirects. (FT)
  • add Added type checking at initialization time. (FT)
  • add Added PatternMatcher filter. (FT)